By Ryan

It’s spring time here at Edgewood College and the end of the semester is in sight. The combination of nice weather and the end of the academic year always brings about feelings of excitement and the longing to make every day go by as slowly as possible–in part to enjoy the nice weather, and in part to feel like there’s still enough time to prepare for final exams and work on end of the semester papers and projects. Add in Earth Week, and there’s even more excitement on campus and reasons to be outside.

Below is a poster providing an overview of everything going on this week at Edgewood College, as well as a message from Edgewood’s landscaping and grounds coordinator.

Happy Earth Week, everyone!

Spring marks the beginning of a new cycle of life, new beginnings for all of us. Forty years ago, Wisconsin’s own Gaylord Nelson instituted Earth Day, to set aside one day for all of us to examine the relationship that we have with the natural world. Since then it has turned into Earth Week. Our Student Environmental group has prepared a weeklong series of events where we can all participate in many different ways to steward the planet all week long. Please see the attached poster and calendar of events.

This year’s focus will be on local food and what it means to our health and community. The keynote event is Tuesday night where Jack Kloppenburg from the Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies will speak about what local food means to all of us. At 7:00 his talk will be followed by a FREE local food buffet prepared for us by our own kitchen staff. Many vendors and growers will be present for lively discussion.

Beginning Saturday, April 17, come and join us as we restore the woodland ecosystem along the lakeshore. We have received nearly 1000 trees and shrubs from a DNR Forestry grant. After removing the invasive buckthorn and honeysuckle, these plantings will restore the composition and biodiversity of our woodland. Join faculty, staff, students, neighbors, Cub Scouts and alumni as we all work together to make this the best earth week ever.