By Rebekah

After a long, cold, winter, nothing makes me happier than having nice weather outside. It is so great to have days that you don’t have to bundle up to go to class and days that you can just sit outside and study. It seems like everybody is in an all around better mood.

However, as much of a blessing as this beautiful weather can be, it also can make sitting in a class room that much tougher. There are so many other things to do, other than listening to the professor and working on homework of course, now that it’s spring.

At Edgewood, it’s so great to just sit outside with friends, whether it is to talk, to eat, or to study. You can just sit at picnic tables or enjoy the weather out on the boardwalk. It is also so great to be in such a beautiful area that is perfect to go for a run through. The Henry Vilas Zoo isn’t that far away either, which I haven’t got a chance to take a trip to yet this year, but am so excited to do so soon. Of course there is always downtown to take advantage of as well, spending time on State Street or hanging at the Memorial Union, being two of my favorites!

I know that I can speak for just about everyone around here when I say, I am so excited it’s finally spring!