By Rebekah

This year at Edgewood I have met so many amazing people whom I’m lucky to be close with now. One of these people is my dear friend Cara. She takes advantage of every great opportunity and looks at all situations in a positive light.

She continuously is giving so much of herself to Edgewood and to her friends. She’s always busy either running to Student Government Association (SGA) meetings, meeting with people on campus, checking up on everyone in the dorms, or even making people homemade meals on special occasions. Next year she will be seen even more around campus as she just got a position as a Resident Assistant, which I know will be perfect for her.

Cara has one of the biggest hearts around and is good for a laugh whenever you’re in need of one. Her genuine care to be involved around campus and in her friend’s lives is incredible and I admire her so much for it all.