By Michael

The Anderson Auditorium and Edgedome hold some of the key events on campus. The events are almost always free, and there’s a range of topics for everyone. On February 4, 2010, there was a solo performance called “Dr. King’s Dream” by Warren C. Bowles from the Minneapolis professional Mixed Blood Theatre. There were two performances that day, and students were the majority of the audience, though some professors and staff came as well.

As the title suggests, the “I Have a Dream” speech was included, but though 90% of the dialogue was taken from King’s speeches, the play still had new insights to offer. The one-man act started with the Montgomery bus strikes and ended with his murder on the hotel balcony in Memphis. In between, the audience got a glimpse of King’s personal life: his devoted feelings for his friends, wife, baby girl, and mother. It covered a lot of other incidents too, such as the Kennedy’s getting King out of jail (he went to jail A LOT), peaceful protests in which the marchers were attacked by fire hoses and dogs, the firebombing of his house, his thoughts on Malcolm X and the Vietnam War.

The Q & A after the show tied the play into the present day. We think of King as a hero but still wage wars that split our country… protests are still put down by police in riot gear… racism still exists. So what do we do about it? Seeing such performances and having these serious dialogues is possible almost nowhere else but a wonderful educational institution such as Edgewood.