By Kinsey

The winter months always seem to drag on, and often bring a case of the winter blues. Just this week my roommate and I looked out the window to see that it had snowed again, and the only thing we wanted to do was crawl back into bed. After a few months of winter, if the snow doesn’t bring a snow day with it, it just becomes a hassle. Your shoes and the bottom of your pants get wet, there’s the chance of slipping on the ice, and you have to deal with the cold on the walk to class. The nice thing about Edgewood, though, is that it’s a very compact campus, so no matter where you’re going, it’s always a pretty quick trip. And Edgewood always offers some fun winter activities. The Campus Activities Board took an ice skating trip not too long ago, and they take trips to Tyrol Basin, too. Those kinds of things are really helpful to keep the winter months from becoming too monotonous. Having a lot people around in the dorms helps to fight off the winter blues as well. Last semester there was a campus wide snow ball fight, and that was definitely a lot of fun. And with so many people around, it’s easy to find someone to do something with.

I find that getting off campus helps to fight the winter blues, as well. A change of scenery always helps me. I’m lucky enough to have my own car this year, but even without one it’s pretty easy to find someone willing to offer a ride, or you can use the free bus pass provided to you by the college. Being in Madison is nice, because there are so many things to do to keep out of the cold. My friends and I like to head to the mall, go see a movie, or just visit some friends that live off campus. So even though winter can feel like it lasts forever sometimes, with all of the options of things to do that Edgewood and Madison provide, the winter blues are pretty easy to avoid.