By Rebekah

It was a year ago when I was looking at my housing preference form trying to decide what to do. I’m from a small town about 15 minutes from Madison, so I went back and forth between deciding whether to be a commuter or to live in the residence halls as a freshman. I ended up deciding that living on campus was the best way to start my freshman year and I am so happy with my decision… everything worked out perfectly.

I’m in Regina this year, which I admittedly was not too happy about when I first received my rooming assignment… it’s the all female, single room, res hall. However, I LOVE it. I get my own space and don’t have to worry about any roommate conflicts. We have a tight-knit floor and it’s so easy to meet people. I even got so lucky as to have my new best friends living right next to me, making my experience in the res halls incredible.

Besides actual dorm life, living on campus in general is so convenient. It’s nice to always be next to both Phil’s or Wingra (with a meal plan!), and so close to all my classes. I never have to worry about parking or being late and it’s wonderful to be able to run back to my room if I ever forget something, want to change clothes or grab a sweatshirt, or just need to relax between classes.

Living on campus so far has worked out very well for me. I’ve been very pleased with my experience and definitely recommend living on campus.