By Kinsey

Coming back from Winter Break is always somewhat bittersweet. It’s hard to leave your family and friends back home and adjust to getting back into the “homework swing.” Then again, it’s nice to get back to the city and your “college family.” I find that Winter Break is about a perfect length of time. I like that I have about a month to work so I can have some cash for the upcoming semester, and I have time to reconnect with my old home life. And right about when I get the itch to leave home again, break ends and a new semester begins. The month off is also a nice time to get rejuvenated from the past semester. After working hard all semester and putting in long hours getting ready for finals, a break is much needed and appreciated.

This semester I was very excited to come back. Last semester was a really good semester for me. I switched majors and finally found the path I wanted to take. I really enjoyed my classes and the outside activities I became a part of. First semester showed me how something as simple as a change of major can change your outlook on everything. I had actually been planning to transfer my freshman year, but settled on a change in major instead. I’m so glad I made that choice. This past semester gave me a reassurance that I had made the right decision and left me with an excitement for what lies ahead. I’m excited for this new semester, for my classes, and… just to be back.