My three favorite things about Edgewood are the professors, the English Department, and the campus.

Obviously, as in high school, there will be instructors throughout college that you like and ones you disagree with. But all the professors I’ve had at Edgewood have earned my respect and are clearly experts in their field. I am in the English Department, in both writing and literature, and I’ve had professors who’ve worked for Rolling Stone, graduated from renowned writers workshops, or have been studying literature well before I was even born. Since class sizes are small and there is an emphasis on discussion, students at Edgewood can take full advantage of their professors’ knowledge, and they are all very approachable if students need help. My professors specifically also hold yearly writing contests, run the campus newspaper, and the campus fiction and art magazine.

Besides having the many benefits of being in Madison, Edgewood’s campus has some cool aspects of its own. Since this is my fourth year at Edgewood, I’ve seen the progress of the campus sustainability program. It started with the boardwalk and paths around Lake Wingra (built by students). Now there is a community garden and compost area (also run by students) and efforts to restore some of Wisconsin’s original habitat and the Native American mounds found on campus.



As a freshman at Edgewood, I have just began my college experience. It has not taken long; however, for me to pick up on the many things that I enjoy most about being a student here. For me, what it all comes down to is the small campus. I have discovered three major benefits to this:

The most obvious perk when coming to campus is how close and convenient everything is. There is no need to worry about long walks to classes, you can go back to the residence halls at any time if you reside on campus, and anything you need is always nearby (whether it be the library, professors, food, etc.).

The small campus also is helpful when it comes to meeting people. It’s amazing how quick everyone gets to know one another. I’ve only been here for about four weeks and already feel like I know so many people. It’s impossible to walk through campus without stopping to talk or say hi to someone along the way, and it’s a great feeling.

The best advantage to Edgewood’s size though is, in my opinion, the small class sizes. In fact, on my first day of Spanish class, my professor walked in and was excited about having a “big” class…I counted only 22 people. These small class sizes are so convenient for several reasons. For one thing, you’re able to have more one-on-one time with the instructors. If you ever need help it is easy to get in touch with them and get everything figured out. Furthermore, it is easy to connect on a more personal level with each instructor. Each one of mine has us refer to them by their first name. This makes it feel that my education is really important to not just me, but many others here at Edgewood.

As my first semester of college continues, I notice these things everyday and am happy here at Edgewood.