My favorite things about Edgewood…it’s hard to choose. I’d say one of my favorite things about Edgewood is its location. Whenever I’m bored, it’s not hard to find something to do. With the campus sitting right on Lake Wingra and a place to rent paddle boats just a short walk away, it’s so easy to enjoy the water. Vilas Zoo is also close by and makes for a fun afternoon trip. And if you feel like shopping, Monroe Street offers great little shops, or you can hop on the bus and head to State Street.

Another of my favorite things about Edgewood is my classes. Weird, I know, but with small class sizes, it’s so easy to get to know your classmates and your professors. Just this week I was walking down the hall and saw a few of my professors from first semester last year. They still knew me by my name and on a personal level. It’s so cool to me that I can walk up to a professor that I haven’t had for a few semesters and I can strike up a conversation without feeling like I’m below them. They are so down to earth.

My very favorite thing about Edgewood, I have to say, is the dorm life. Last year I was in Stevie, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The people from that hall have become my best friends. I’m in Dominican this year, and it is so nice. I love the arrangement, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet even more cool people. It really makes Edgewood my home away from home.



We are a few weeks into the school year and I am still getting over the fact that I’m a junior in college. I feel like it was just a few months ago that I was attending graduation parties and saying goodbye to my friends as we all split up to venture off to college, but now here I am – half way finished!

Though there have been plenty of ups and downs, I’ve enjoyed my time here at Edgewood thus far. When I think back about what made up my experience to this point, a few key things come to mind. I guess you could say they are my favorite parts of Edgewood.

1. THE PEOPLE. Edgewood is known for being a smaller school, which makes it easier to meet and keep up with people on campus. In my experience, once you have a pretty good idea of what your major is, the same people keep showing up from class to class. Plus, I don’t think it’s too common at other schools to run into your professor at say, the grocery store, and have them remember not only your name, but ask about your weekend and what’s been going on in your life.

2. THE CITY. I’ve lived in Madison for most of my life and can’t imagine going to college anywhere else. Even though most of my friends have moved off campus, downtown is within walking distance and I haven’t felt too much separation anxiety yet. I feel like Madison is the perfect sized city – not so big that it becomes dangerous or easy to get lost, but not too small that it loses excitement. There are plenty of people to meet, places to hang out, and things to do.

3. NATURE. One of my favorite parts of Edgewood is the surrounding nature. I love the trails, the boardwalk, the trees, the grass and fields. I don’t think at a bigger school, you’d see as much open land as we have on Edgewood’s campus. There’s been so many times after a long day of class when I’ve walked down to the boardwalk to relax and take advantage of Wisconsin’s short-lived warm days.

Thinking about it, when school gets harder and life starts to push us a little more than usual, I think it’s key to remember the little things like this that make us happy.