On Saturday, August 22, 2009, the freshmen who make up the Class of 2013 will officially move into their residence halls and begin their journey at Edgewood College.

Each year the entering freshman class is honored with one of the five Dominican values. This year’s class is the Class of Partnership, and the value given to these entering freshmen couldn’t be more fitting. 

For most freshmen, their partnership with Edgewood College started months ago… maybe even well over two years ago. And even though the Admissions Office may receive some credit, it’s really the partnership of the entire Edgewood College Community that makes this class of freshmen a special group.

Faculty, students and staff throughout the entire community–from the college president to facilities services staff to coaches to professors to alumni to freshmen and seniors–everyone reached out to the members of the Class of 2013. It was this campus-wide partnership and strength in community that ensured the Class of 2013, the Class of Partnership, was full of gifted and dedicated young men and women–even in light of these uncertain economic times.

So, here’s to proof of a caring, compassionate, and close-knit campus community. Here’s to the Class of Partnership.