In order to determine if Edgewood College fits with your educational plans, follow these steps:

1. View the required courses for your major. The required courses for each major are listed here. Click on the “Checklist” associated with the major you’re considering. Please note that many courses have prerequisites.

2. View when the courses are offered. You can view a list of courses by semester, including the scheduled meeting times, by clicking here. Refer to the information below on how to use the Public Course Search. Also, please note that courses are typically posted only one semester in advance.

How to use the Public Course Search:

1. Select a term.

2. Enter the Course Code. A table of course codes for each subject is listed below.

BIO Biology
BUS Business
CHEM Chemistry
COMMS Communication Studies
CS Computer Science
ECON Economics
ED Education
ENG English
ENVS Enivronmental Studies
ETHS Ethnic Studies
FREN French
GEOS Geoscience
HI Human Issues
HIST History
HS Human Services
IC Institutional Courses
MATH Mathematics
NATS Natural Science
NRS Nursing
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
PS Political Science
PSY Psychology
RS Religious Studies
SOC Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SS Social Science
THA Theatre Arts