I tried to take advantage of every opportunity that Edgewood had to offer in order to make sure I didn’t regret not doing something once my time at Edgewood was over. I took foreign language classes for fun, studied abroad, had internships, joined the Honors Program, skipped class to go out with friends, pulled all-nighters to finish a paper, swam in one of the Madison lakes, and was involved in numerous clubs and organizations on campus. All things that made my time at Edgewood very memorable. However, I do sort of wish I would have lived on campus longer. I lived in Stevie Hall my freshman year, but sophomore year I moved into an off-campus apartment with friends. It was a blast, of course, but sometimes I still wish I would have lingered on campus longer to really take advantage of what residence life has to offer. Living on campus allows you to form a tighter community, meet more people and make more friends, spend more time on campus to take part in more fun activities, and more. Between classes, work-study jobs, and clubs, I definitely had my fill “campus life,” but I still wish I would have stuck around a little longer to form a tighter bond with people in my residence hall, went to a few more student activities, and even suntanned on the boardwalk a little more.

Julie is a 2009 graduate from Edgewood College with majors in business and graphic design. After graduation she moved to New York City to start an internship.