It’s really hard to think of just one single thing I’m going to miss most about Edgewood College. To be honest, pretty much the only reason why I’m looking forward to graduating is merely so I won’t have homework to do in the evenings! So, I’m pretty much going to miss EVERYTHING about Edgewood–the school, the sense of security and community, the students, staff, and faculty, the view of the lake, the support from the student services on campus, and even the cafeteria food–just to name a few.

But if I had to pick one, it would probably be my work-study jobs. They have provided me with a sort of home-away-from-home. My supervisors have all not only been super friendly and fun, but extremely caring as well. I feel like I have developed more of a friend-relationship with them, not just a supervisor-worker typical relationship. They have supported me, forwarded me funny emails, gave me advice, listened when I needed to vent, baked me yummy birthday treats, and have sent me home when I’ve been sick, or offered to make me a bed in an empty classroom upstairs (no joke!). They’ve been so understanding of my busy student life and were flexible when it came to the weekly work schedule. I’ll really miss having this level of support after graduation; I don’t know what I’ll do at a real job without them!