TracyWhat am I going to miss most about Edgewood College? The people. No doubt about that. The professors in my department have been nothing short of an inspiration. They’re compassionate towards their students and passionate about teaching. That love of their job shines through the classroom and really engages me. Plus a majority of the professors in the Psychology Department are so entertaining that I am laughing just reminiscing about some of the stories they’ve told me. I’m not lying about that, people are looking at me strange in the computer lab right now.

Besides the incredible professors I’m going to miss certain members of the staff that I have really connected with that have gotten me through some tough times, whether they realize it or not. I can’t count how many times I was able to count on the people here at Edgewood to not only push me succeed, but also give me the strength and courage to do so. Also, I’m going to miss seeing my friends all the time. The friendships that were made throughout random classes have lasted years and I’m sure are going to continue to last as we all mature and move on with our lives.

Going into the real world isn’t going to give me that same amount of spontaneity that I love. I won’t be able to skip a class and go for a walk or lay on the boardwalk and tan. Nothing beats the student life. Sure, we have worries and need to worry about money and such, but it’s a care-free laid back lifestyle. Edgewood College really has become another family of mine. A large, random, loud, rambunctious, caring family that is never short of an adventure.