MichaelThis week of April was “Earth Week” on campus. Earth Day, which was Wednesday, was founded in 1970 by the Wisconsin senator, Gaylord Nelson. Starting in our own area, Earth Day has since spread to hundreds of countries all over the globe.

There were many events this week, including lectures, films, planting the Edgewood community garden, and the woodland restoration project. On Earth Day, people had the incentive to bike to school instead of driving: the Williamson Street Bike Shop did free repairs and adjustments in the parking lot. Groups also planted native Wisconsin plants near the boardwalk with the campus grade school. Mayor Dave Cieslewicz lead a tour of Edgewood’s various buildings and sustainability projects which show how our campus is striving to “go green”.

It’s easy to just participate in Earth Day and forget about the environment the rest of the year. It’s also easy to think of “going green” as just a trend at the moment. But we should be proud of the efforts of students and staff here to strive for a more beautiful, healthy, and sustainably productive future, as well as efforts to integrate the Earth Day mind-set in our everyday lives.

MarissaIts “crunch time” right now! Final exams and projects are right around the corner. I’m a tad bit nervous about some of them because I procrastinated on some of my major projects, but there’s still a few weeks left… so hopefully I can get them done!

I’m trying really hard to focus in all of my classes right now, because the material the professors are covering now is what will be a large part of the final exam. We have already been tested on the previous material, so they really want to see if you know the new material. It’s also hard to go to class because of the beautiful spring weather we are having. But if you don’t go to class in the last couple weeks it will really bring you down. You just have to remember only “two weeks left and I’m done!” It’s not worth skipping out now.

Finally, one more thing: I’m going to miss my roomies! I live with two other girls and they are both fabulous! We’ve become pretty good friends, so it will be sad once we move out. We’ll have to take some road trips this summer to visit each other I’m thinking.

The end of the year is definitely exciting. I’m so pumped to move home for a few months, make some money and be able to see my friends! But doing well on all of my projects and finals will definitely make my summer more enjoyable.