I had a very bad case of senioritis in my last semester of high school. By that time I was already accepted to a couple schools and, frankly, I was just ready to move out of my parents place and into the college life. I did all or most of my assignments but I hardly ever studied; I did enough to get by. The benefit was I had a really fun senior year of high school, the negative was that sometimes I’d be a bit stressed. I slacked off a lot, yea, but I still wanted to graduate high school.

I am a senior now and earlier this year I had a bit of a case of senioritis and then I remembered that in college, I just can’t afford it. So I had senioritis for all of two weeks, then I had to get back in the grind of things. So now I try to buckle down during the week so I can just relax and not have to worry on the weekends.

Oh boy… senioritis. It’s an evil, but inevitable thing. I remember when I was a senior in high school, I definitely had a bad case of senioritis. Actually, I was so over-involved in high school that I think I had senioritis early into my junior year!

It’s nice that by the time you’re a senior, you’ve figured out the boundaries of school- how much you need to do to get the grade you want and how to do it in the least amount of time possible. I’m a senior in college now, and yes, I have senioritis. But I do know my boundaries and know how much studying I need to do to “ace the test.” So maybe I won’t be doing many extra credit assignments, but I’m still doing my best and trying hard to do well. It’s difficult, but I’m attempting to just pretend I’m not graduating in a few months and do the same amount of work I always have. It’s all about mind over matter for sure.

I don’t think it would be normal if someone didn’t get a little bit of senioritis. I mean your four years are almost over and summer is near! It’s a pretty exciting time and I think almost everyone said during that time that they wanted it to go by faster. I guess I got a little case of senioritis, but it wasn’t bad. I liked all of my classes senior year and I had gymnastics and softball second semester so really the only thing I was looking forward to was summer! I was dreading the day when gymnastics and softball would be over, but at the same time I was excited to walk across the stage and receive my diploma. What really helped me focus during my final semester of HS was remembering something my dad always said to me. He always would tell me that those days were the best days of my life. So everyday I tried to remember that, and tried to tell myself that HS would be over soon enough, so why rush it? You only get four years!

I’m not a senior, but I’m kind of getting senioritis as a freshmen… or freshman-itis? Just moving home for the summer and being with all my friends again has me wishing school would just get over! But college is in a way similar to high school. You only get four (or five… or ten) years, so why rush it? Who really wants to go out into the real world yet?