My Christmas Break was nice because it was a little slice of summer (besides the weather)! All of my friends were home from school, I didn’t have homework, and sometimes I just did NOTHING, which was awesome! Spending the holidays with the fam was fun as usual. Watching endless reruns of the Christmas Story and A Wonderful Life, never gets old. I hung out a lot and went to basketball games. It was nice to be able to come home every night to my own bed and to see my dogs everyday! I was able to make a little money, which my parents highly encouraged. I was fortunate enough to get back into the gym again by coaching a little gymnastics. That made me miss gymnastics a lot! But my break was awesome and of course it went so fast… it only seemed like I was home for a week.

Getting back into the swing of things was more difficult than I thought. It’s exciting having a new schedule, especially since I don’t have Friday classes, but at the same time it’s hard adjusting to new classes and professors. Two of the days I actually went into two wrong classrooms, so that was pretty embarrassing! But I’ve just tried to get myself more organized so I don’t fall behind right of the bat. I try to get my homework done on the due date so I’m not behind an assignment. I’m also trying to get help if I have trouble understanding something so I don’t fall behind in that respect, too. It just comes down to making yourself get into a schedule again.

Over winter break I had a blast! I was able to finally spend quality time with my family in Chicago. I went to museums, the Shed Aquarium, and watched tons of football with my dad. 🙂 I really enjoy Chicago in the wintertime; it’s cold but still tons of attractions to enjoy! I was able to see the huge Christmas display downtown, and also do some shopping while drinking some hot chocolate from a local vendor. The city was amazing.

When returning back to Edgewood, I was still in a vacation-state-of-mind, so my transition process was a bit difficult. I had to adjust my sleeping schedule, so I could prepare for my 9 am classes. On the other hand I was very excited to see all of my friends and professors who I have grown so close to. So with all this in mind I grabbed my planner and began my semester off the right way… organized!

Besides enjoying the holidays, break is a good time to collect and rest the brain. After spending some time at home, a trip to a cabin with friends, and a protest in Chicago, I returned to Madison to settle in again and relax. If you spend some time at the tail end of break getting organized (making sure classes are registered, getting books, looking at the new class/work schedule), then it isn’t a problem adjusting. In fact, new semesters can be refreshing: new faces and a clean slate for grades.

This winter break was so relaxing. For the first time during my college career, I did not work at a job over break! I went back to my parents’ house for about a month to catch up with family and friends from high school – lots of yummy food, lots of movies, and lots of computer games! But I wasn’t too lazy over break – I did actually get a project done. My graphic design professor had referred me to a local editor in Madison who was editing a local author’s book. Over break, I designed a book cover for the author’s novel! Now I get to have an actual piece of my work published and will be able to brag about it on my resume.

Coming back to class though was a little bit of a struggle. I enjoy all of my classes (a combo of graphic design classes and business classes), but it’s always a little difficult getting myself back onto a set schedule. At least I had the book cover project to keep me a little bit in the working mindset!