When I first thought about finals week, my thought was “oh my gosh, I’m going to be a nervous wreck!” I have been thinking and secretly worrying about finals since Thanksgiving. But what I learned was that you need to find a happy medium with your stress; from going over the edge to maybe just biting your finger nails. With this being my first finals week, I was a little concerned if I would be able to handle it or not. My high school finals were usually just chapter tests – compared to college where your tests are mostly cumulative. It was a relief that I only had final exams in two of my classes, so that took a little stress off of me. What really helped me handle the stress was to simply chill out, relax, laugh A LOT, and then get down to business. I figured if I got overstressed then I wouldn’t be able to get anything done. Do not get me wrong, a little stress is good because you cannot be completely careless. So, like I said, find a happy medium with your stress and you should be in a good shape!

Finals can be very stressful at times. The way I have learned to cope with this is to make sure I allow myself enough time for relaxation. Taking time for yourself to do something fun can really reduce stress. One idea I find to be essential is time management. If you have a planner, you can schedule time for studying and time for fun, that way you don’t have to feel like you are overwhelmed with studying. If you find things that interest you, studying can be stress free!

To handle the stress of finals, I really just have to sort of pretend it’s not really finals week – otherwise I’d probably panic! I try to just use the looming deadline as fuel to focus and keep reading and studying. I try not to make any plans with friends, try to keep my work schedule light for the week before and the week of, and relax. When I do study, it always helps me to have mini-breaks every 20 min or so. This isn’t helpful for everyone, but after reading for a while, I log in to my Facebook or my email for a minute or two to just give my mind a tiny breather. Then I go right back to it. The little breaks work sort of as a little reward system for myself for concentrating for so long and keep me from zoning out too much.