I used to take my laptop into Wingra Café and use the wireless internet while I wrote papers and worked on homework there because it’s sort of the center of campus and there’s always people around. I need a little bit of a buzz around me so I don’t fall asleep! But lately I’ve actually been using the library more and more. Even though it’s quieter, I meet up with other students and use the group study rooms on the second floor to work on group projects and study together.

My favorite place on campus to study is the library. If you need sources for a paper, the staff is very helpful in helping students find scholarly articles through the online research tool. There is a decent selection of books, but if you can’t find something they will order it through a different school or library. Around exam week the library gets packed and it can be hard to find an open computer, but there are other computer labs on campus and at least it is always a quiet place to study. The second floor is great for relaxing or writing, since the large windows have a nice view of the woods and trails behind campus.

My favorite place to study is the library. Edgewood’s library has really comfy chairs, which makes studying a lot more fun! The library is always quiet and peaceful, plus you have tons of resources at your fingertips. The librarians are always willing to help. Plus, it’s comforting to see you are not the only student doing a paper last minute. 🙂 The library has surely been my second home this year!

If it’s a nice day out I like to study outside on the boardwalk or in the Predolin Courtyard across from the library at picnic table or on the grass.But I can only do that for so long before I lose focus and get distracted, so my second favorite place to study is the Oscar Rennebohm Library. I used to hate libraries because I didn’t like how quiet they were, and then I realized that I can actually get stuff done there. So upstairs, in the back corner, in a comfy chair if I’m reading or want to take a nap, or at a table if I really mean business.

Courtyard between Predolin and the library
The Predolin Courtyard and Oscar Rennebohm Library.