[Note: Last month, Tracy answered the question “who is your favorite professor?” Today, Michael shares the following about his experiences with the faculty here at Edgewood thus far.]

There have been a few professors at Edgewood who I’ve really connected with. Not only have I enjoyed their classes, but a few of them have helped me plan for my academic future and get me started in activities outside of school. A professor at Edgewood who especially stands out in my mind is Tim Andrews. He is a big part of the effort to make Edgewood a “green” campus. He’s involved in making Edgewood carbon neutral, as well as taking care of the campus forest and Lake Wingra area. In his Human Issues course, “Roots and Shoots”, we not only learn a lot of practical scientific knowledge about ecology and the environment, but we also explore how we as humans fit into the whole scheme.

What really makes the class, though, is his idea of “forming a tribe”. Making connections with and learning from everyone in class is as important as the facts and figures. And how can you connect with people and learn from them if you can’t have fun together? That’s where the camping trips come in, and I’m not surprised that on the weekends when we have Roots and Shoots events, so many of Tim’s former students come just to hang out and have a good time.