Tuesday, of course, was election day. Edgewood got students involved the week leading up to the 4th through events on campus, helping people to register, and providing equal information on both major candidates. On election day a shuttle bus took students from campus to the nearest polls. Later, there were places on campus for students to gather and watch the results pour in.

After classes I met with several friends from Edgewood and UW, and after our new president of the United States was announced we went to State Street and the capitol to see if anything special was happening. It turned out that thousands of people of all different ages had randomly decided to come out into the streets to dance and celebrate, walking from the captiol to Bascom Hill and back. For such a spontaneous and emotional event, the crowd was extremely well-behaved and responsible. There was no conflict; the police department actually blocked off some streets to direct traffic and keep the crowd safe. It was truly being in the middle of an historical event, and no matter one’s political views it was great to see so many people in one place getting along and having the time of their lives. At the very least, it was an experience to remember.

November 4, 2008 has to be one of the best moments of my life! I will never forget the excitement, amazement, and pride I felt. I know a lot of people voted during this election, but there was something more to it than just casting my vote. On this day I felt empowered! I truly had faith in the country and the people in it. I knew that this election would be historic no matter what the results were. I can remember crying after I found out that Barack Obama was our president elect. Tears of joy flowed from my eyes because this was a huge step in the acceptance of a culture. I was one of many African Americans who took pride in this election. My grandmother, who turned 80 years old on election day, could not believe how far we have come. I can remember her telling me “Be thankful for this day, because people have fought and died just to make this day possible”. I think this very night proved to not only a race of people, but to the entire world, Change is Possible! For that very reason, I will never forget November 4, 2008.