Monday was my 21st birthday! Unfortunately, I had an 8am class that day that I was not looking forward to waking up to go to it [I’m not much of a morning person]. I managed to roll out of bed and make it to my 2-hour class. My professor began to lecture and all of a sudden she stopped talking. She gave us this speech about how gorgeous of a fall day it was and how she can’t even focus. She then brought out doughnuts that she bought for us and let us out of class an hour early!!! She told us that if we were ever going to play hookey that that was the day to it!

Since that was my only class for the day, I spent the rest of the day on State Street with some friends, trying to be outside as much as possible. My roomate and I even made a pile of leaves just so that we could jump in them! Then I went to “girls’ night out” at the Melting Pot for some very delicious and cheap fondue for dinner. All in all, a very good start and finish to the birthday!