Everyone here at Edgewood is finishing up midterms and getting ready to have fun during the big, crazy Halloween celebration which occurs all over the Madison campuses and the downtown/State Street area.

There’s also been more collaboration between student groups here at Edgewood than ever before. S.I.F.E. (the group for business majors), along with the Edgewood College Peace Group, Wood’s Edge (an environmental studies group) and some Human Issues classes on campus have been meeting the past couple weeks to prepare for some big events. We will be getting more of our food from local farmers and will also be starting an Edgewood Community Garden, and the cooking staff has been very supportive of both plans. We are also creating a dialogue between students here and our “sister campus” in Freiburg, Germany, which is known to have one of the more “green” campuses in Europe.

Some political groups are also working for an event next Tuesday: three veterans are coming to speak about their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. One woman who is speaking is actually a student here at Edgewood. Especailly with the elections coming up November 4th, it will be a very important, active, and exciting month.