This week I was really excited because I did not have any major assignments so I was able to dedicate my self more to my campus activities. Currently I am Vice President of the Black Student Union, a Peer Leader, an active member of Edgewood Democrats and Student Affairs Committee! I think it is really important for students to be involved, and build community throughout the campus!

Thursday morning I began packing for the weekend, I was taking the 5 am bus to Chicago, and catching the 12:15 pm train to Ann Arbor Michigan! I had been planning this trip for months, Badgers vs. Wolverines, one of the biggest games of the year! Now normally a girl would not travel 8 hours to see a football game, but I have a particular interest for both teams. My boyfriend, currently injured, is #90 for the Badgers and his brother (also #90) starts on Michigan’s Defense. So as you can imagine, the trip was well worth it! Even though the Badgers lost, I stayed in Ann Arbor for the rest of the weekend, and hit the town with my “brother-in-law”. 🙂 We had a blast. Although there will always be this fierce rivalry, the fans out there were great. Even though we lost, everyone is still very dedicated to the team, and we all can not wait to face Ohio State this weekend!

Overall, I had a wonderful weekend out of town, but I am happy to be back at Edgewood!