It may sound a bit cheesy but I’m really looking forward to the classes I’m taking this year. I love walking into a new classroom and seeing what people are in there and who might be a new friend. It’s a little nerve wrecking, of course, not knowing if you’ll know anybody; but I happen to find it exciting. Also, some of the professors here are the most interesting people I have ever met and I truly enjoy getting to know them and learning from them, too.

This school year I am looking forward to working hard! I am almost done with my undergraduate degree, and I simply want to make sure I go out with a “bang”. I want to become involved in as many activities as I can, and make sure I am able to have fun! My overall experience is that college flies by, so I plan on enjoying my last few semesters here at Edgewood!

During my third year I will be able to take more classes I’m interested in and which apply to my major, instead of trying to get through all the required courses. I’m also looking forward to getting more involved on campus with the literary magazine and the Edgewood Peace Group activities, and meeting new people.