If I had to choose the one thing I missed most about Edgewood this summer that’s really easy: the people. Edgewood has a strange way of being so welcoming and friendly and because of its size, I was able to walk to class and stop and talk to at least 3 people I knew. When someone genuinely smiles at you it makes your day a bit brighter; at Edgewood, my day got brighter every time I stepped out of my dorm, the library, or just when I was sitting in Wingra Café.

My mom gets a little mad at me when I refer to being at school as my home, but honestly most of the time that’s how I feel. The sense of being a truly valued member of a community and that I make a difference in other people’s lives is the feeling I get every day at Edgewood. It’s not only the students, but also the faculty and staff that manage to reinforce why I decided to come to this school in the first place. With no doubt about it the one thing I missed most about Edgewood was being a valued part of its community. I missed my home away from home: my second family.

What I missed most about Edgewood are the people and having a lot of friends in one place. There’s a good sense of community at Edgewood and Madison in general is the place to be.

I missed all the wonderful people. Last year I was a Resident Assistant (RA) in Regina Hall and I was able to meet a lot of new people. Over the summer I missed hanging with them, so I was very excited to be reunited with some familiar faces!