Welcome to the bimonthly Q & A Edgewood College Student Experience Blogs:  Twice a month we post a question, and current Edgewood College students answer the question based on their own experience as an EC student.  Feel free to add your own two cents by posting response comments.  Enjoy.  (don’t forget to check out the EC MySpace page as well)

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Appleton, WI
Major:  Spanish & Communication Studies
Minor:  Global Education

A:  There is a great computer lab with free printing!  There are both PC’s and Macs.  It’s open from morning until midnight- so it’s a great resource.  Also, the library has a great on-line catalogue as well as electronic periodicals and even links to paper writing resources such as refworks.  There is some wireless internet which is great, but I hope the rest of the campus gets wireless soon.  Also, my Edgewood is the EC site just for students, staff, and faculty, where they can find information about services and organizations on campus, as well as see events and announcements for the community.

Blanchardville, WI
Major:  Business (concentration-accounting)

A:  There is a computer lab in the lower level of Regina with lots of computers.  I think the technology here is pretty good.  There has always been an open computer either in the lab or the library when I’ve needed one. The computers also have an up to date version of programs for students to use.  

Green Bay, WI
Major:  Business Marketing

A:  There’s free wireless internet on many parts of campus so you can bring your laptop to work on, as well as numerous computer labs all around campus. And any other technology that you would need, such as a video recorder, can be checked out for free from the Technology Assistance Center in the library.

Barneveld, WI
Major:  Business-Management and Art

A:  Technology on campus is much better than the technology I have at home. The computers are fast at loading websites and have many different programs I have never even used before. It’s also nice that the school allows laptops to wirelessly connect as well.

Hortonville, WI
Major:  Music

A:  There are many computers around campus which helps those students who need to print stuff between classes or those students who don’t have their own computers.

Kaukauna, WI
Major:  Religious Studies & Spanish

A:  The Technology Assistance Center is really helpful on campus.  Right away during my freshman year I got a virus that shut down my computer, but they got it running right away.  There is wireless internet in the campus buildings.  The librarians are always helpful in finding resources for classes.

Wisconsin Dells, WI
Major:  Deciding (Possibly Communications)

A:  Each of the rooms have internet access that are pretty fast. I don’t have a printer so I use the printers in the library. It’s so nice being able to use the printers for free. I haven’t had to use any of the equipment from the Tech Desk but people from my classes have for projects and they’ve turned out good so I’m assuming everything is up to par from the Desk.