Welcome to the bimonthly Q & A Edgewood College Student Experience Blogs:  Twice a month we post a question, and current Edgewood College students answer the question based on their own experience as an EC student.  Feel free to add your own two cents by posting response comments.  Enjoy.

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Barneveld, WI
Major:  Business (Management) & Art

A:  Even though my schedule right now is back-to-back classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I have no time to study in between, my favorite place to study last semester at Edgewood was in the library. The chairs in there are so comfy and everything I could ever need to study or finish an assignment was right at my fingertips. The librarians are helpful in finding things if you’re unable to and they help a lot with research. 

Blanchardville, WI
Major:  Business (Accounting)

A:  Usually my dorm room. I like to either have light music or TV or some type of background noise when studying.  I also like to study in my dorm because it allows me to cut out any distractions.  The other place I like to go is to the Library because of the atmosphere it has.  There are several computers and tables and chairs to study by yourself or with a group of people.  It is also kept quiet in the library for people to study. 

Kaukauna, WI
Major:  Religious Studies & Spanish

A:  I really enjoy the honors study lounge.  It is nice because the door can be closed and it is somewhere private that is not my room.  It is also right next to Wingra Café so I can take a break and grab a snack.  I also really like any of the picnic tables outside when it is nice.  I like the outdoors because there is not a lot going on, just people passing.  My most common place that I study, however, is just in my dorm room.  I like it because there are enough distractions that I don’t go crazy, but there is enough privacy that I do get my work done.

Green Bay, WI
Major:  Business (Marketing)

A:  As it turns out, the library is just TOO comfortable for me. I fall asleep in the super comfy chairs! I study best in the Wingra Café. There are people around to keep me from conking out, and I can just put on my headphone to get the ability to concentrate on my work without being too distracted. Plus, laptops can hook up into the wireless internet in the Café so I can write my papers there too. 

Appleton, WI
Major:  Spanish & Communication Studies
Minor:  Global Education

A:  My favorite place to study on campus is my room.  I feel like I have more control over this environment and it’s impossible to forget any supplies I might need while studying.  Also, I don’t have to bother with unhooking my laptop, or walking through the snow.

Hortonville, WI
Major:  Music

A:  I study in my room, a study lounge in Stevie Hall, and sometimes in Wingra Cafe late at night.  Those places are normally the quietest for me.  I can’t study in a library so I searched out some places.

Wisconsin Dells, WI
Major:  Communications Studies

A:  I am a person who can study with noise so I love to sit in Wingra Café and study. There are always people buzzing in and out and there are big windows that look over the terrace. Not to mention extremely comfortable chairs. Also, if I need a quick break I can grab a bite to eat without getting too distracted.