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Green Bay, WI
Major:  Business Marketing

A:  Campus athletic events are pretty fun! It’s not really ever just a game to watch and support your fellow class members, but is a whole fun experience, often complete with tailgating, free food, and prizes to win. There are a number of different sports on campus so students can always find one or two that they really enjoy supporting. 

Wisconsin Dells, WI
Major:  Deciding (Possibly Communications)

A:  Athletic events are fun here. You can get into all the games for free with your students id and some are right here on campus. Volleyball and women’s basketball are played in the Edgedome while soccer, softball, baseball, track, cross country, and golf take place elsewhere. The best sporting events are when we have cookouts before hand with tons of food and every body just hanging out before the big game.

Blanchardville, WI
Major:  Business (concentration-accounting)

A:  I haven’t had a chance to attend many events yet.  I will be helping at softball and baseball games this spring and I’ve heard they are exciting.

Centennial, CO
Major:  Sociology

A:  Athletic events on campus are always housed at the Edgedome. Its nice to say that Edgewood plays sports in a dome when most schools just play in a regular gym. You definitely get what you put into the sporting experience though. If you go and cheer loud and get rowdy in the student section you’re going to have a lot more fun than by just sitting there. Being that its a dome the more noise you make, the louder it gets. And everyone knows that Edgewood athletes love bringing the noise!

Kaukauna, WI
Major:  Religious Studies & Spanish

A:  I never have time to see any games on campus.  The biggest sports are basketball and baseball.  I know that the games are well attended and are fun to go to.  As I said though, I do not have time because of homework and classes.

Hortonville, WI
Major:  Music

A:  I did not attend many athletic events this year because it was my freshman year and I have never been able to just throw myself into social situations.  I have heard that they are very energetic.