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This question pertains to the five core Edgewood College Dominican values, which are, Community, Compassion, Partnership, Truth and Justice.

Appleton, WI
Major:  Spanish & Communication Studies
Minor:  Global Education

A:  Professors really advocate for individual critical analysis when you write papers and contribute discussion.  Also, community is something that Edgewood continually strives for.  The staff, student orgs, and faculty are always looking for ways for different groups to come together.  The residence halls are the best ways to develop community and a great way to make friends.  I love living on campus.

Kaukauna, WI
Major:  Religious Studies & Spanish 

A:  The Dominican values are very important to all my professors.  Although we do not specifically say that “this assignment demonstrates this value,” all of my syllabi reflect each of the values.  The faculty also reflects the Dominican values by being inclusive and encouraging individuality.  I feel that this question is difficult to explain.  I know that after spending only a year here at Edgewood, I am more aware of each of the traditions of Truth, Community, Partnership, Justice and Compassion, but at the same time I don’t know how I became more aware of them.  They are the bare bones of what we learn in all parts of our day.