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Kaukauna, WI
Major:  Religious Studies & Spanish

A:  My favorite faculty members are John Leonard and Mary Klink.  I had a class with John my first semester and it was amazing.  His interpretation of religion and specifically Catholicism has really helped me to solidify my choice to become a religious studies major.  Mary Klink is one of the campus ministers and when I first met her she really reached out to me.  She made me feel welcome and encouraged me to participate when possible.  Thanks to her I have gotten involved with singing in church choir.

Appleton, WI
Major:  Spanish & Communication Studies
Minor:  Global Education

A:  I have two. First, Ian Davies, Professor of Spanish is a great teacher.  He is well prepared, concise, and has vast knowledge in the Spanish speaking world, specifically with Madison’s sister city, Arcatao, El Salvador.  I took a Human Issues class specifically about this topic and it was so interesting—he has an amazing background and genuinely wants to see students engaged and interested in their class work.
Secondly, Cindy Rolling.  Cindy, a professor of Sociology and Anthropology is an interesting teacher who is good at engaging students in important discussions of current topics.  She carefully assigns reading and other homework so that the student has a complete and accurate view of the topic being learned.  Also, she usually allows students freedom in topics for their papers and projects, and has even been known to allow students to choose whether they want an exam or paper on occasion.   

Wisconsin Dells, WI
Major:  Deciding (Possibly Communications)

A:  So far… Elaine Beaubien. She was a business professor of mine. She was such a fun carefree person. Each day she would walk into class full of energy and so excited about the material we were learning. It made me want to learn more about the information.

Hortonville, WI
Major:  Music

A:  I have met many favorites, but I believe it differs from person to person.  

Blanchardville, WI
Major:  Business (concentration-accounting)

A:  I don’t have one favorite yet because I haven’t been at Edgewood long enough to meet many faculty members.

Green Bay, WI
Major:  Business Marketing

A:  Elaine Beaubien, a business professor, has incredible amounts of energy and ambitious. She’s one of the friendliest people I have ever met and is extremely successful. Besides being a great professor, she’s an advisor to huge, well-known corporations, and is even a romance novelist. I really admire her gumption and strive.

Barneveld, WI
Major:  Business-Management and Art

A:  I don’t think I have a favorite. I really enjoy Jane Fasse’s Drawing I class because she has made the class interesting and fun, partially due to her outgoing personality. I also really liked taking Introduction to Business with Elaine Beaubien my first semester because Elaine has a bubbly personality and has helped me with references for jobs and other things.