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Centennial, CO
Major:  Sociology

A:  My favorite Edgewood College class is Christian Religious Experience. This class deals with a real issue. Religion. I’ve always struggled my entire life with the idea of following a religion because it seemed so vast. Instead of learning a basic core class, this class explored an issue I’ve been trying to look into my entire life. Finally it gave me a chance to look into a religion with great depth and really appreciate something I had never known from a theologian perspective.

Kaukauna, WI
Major:  Religious Studies & Spanish

A:  My favorite class so far has to be any John Leonard class.  He is always enthusiastic and never too busy to help me with a paper.  Much of his class is lead by discussion, so I can really get into what we are talking about.  I can dissect it and understand it.

Green Bay, WI
Major:  Business Marketing

A:  My favorite Edgewood class this year is definitely my History of the 1960’s class. It’s an honors class which gives students the chance to be challenged and study a sort of rare, but extremely interesting subject. You never would think there was so much going on in one decade and I learn so much about it I almost feel as if I could live in the ‘60’s. Plus, it really gives my parents and me something to discuss!

Appleton, WI
Major:  Spanish & Communication Studies
Minor:  Global Education

A:  My favorite class is Cultural History of the 1960’s.  The content of the class is an interesting mix of topics that I never covered in any traditional history class.  We have discussed many movements including Civil Rights, Anti-war, Black Power, Women’s Liberation and the counterculture.  The course encompasses lecture and discussion, media (movies, newspapers), research, music and a variety of other inventive teaching and learning methods.

Wisconsin Dells, WI
Major:  Deciding (Possibly Communications)

A:  Intro to Business (Bus 120) with Elaine Beaubien. She was
a great teacher and made the class fun each day. She took the text and made it relate to our every day lives. Her personal success made her a very trusting source and someone I would look to for business advice of my own.

Blanchardville, WI
Major:  Business (concentration-accounting)

A:  Since I’m a transfer student I have only had four classes this semester, but I would have to say statistics would be my favorite.  The teacher is very energetic and happy about what he is teaching because he is also a statistician. He makes the classroom relaxed and is very approachable when you have questions.

Barneveld, WI
Major:  Business-Management and Art

A:  I think my favorite class so far as been Drawing I. One of my majors is art so I was really excited to be able to take drawing this semester. Anyone who is contemplating a major or minor in art, or even if you aren’t, should take a drawing class. I’m taking it with Jane Fasse and she is the best art teacher I’ve had. She makes the class fun and interesting and gives you help on making your artwork better.

Hortonville, WI
Major:  Music

A:  I am really enjoying Creative Writing.  It has helped me open up my creativity and learn to take constructive criticism. Also, the class has helped me become more open minded about other people’s views.