6th COR Value

sennior pic good %281%29By Erika Schauer

Edgewood College does an admirable job of engaging students of the 5 Core Values we currently have. As an Edgewood student, I have really taken the 5 Core Values of Truth, Justice, Compassion, Partnership, and Community to heart. The commitment to teaching and buying into these values can be seen by facility and staff around the campus. Every incoming class is given one value to focus on, especially during freshman orientation week. In the fall of 2012, my class was giving “The Year of Justice.” Not only did we dig in to the deeper meaning of justice, but we asked ourselves what our role in creating a just society.

If I were to add a 6th value, it would be Integrity. Integrity is not only everything we do, but it is everything we are. Integrity is an important characteristic for one to possess because it shows strength and morals, and one is not looking for a reward. Integrity means you will be the one to defend your opinion in a debate in class, it means you will not give in to the peer pressure that surrounds you, and to do what is right. Doing what is right is not always easy, especially as one had this new found independence in college. Integrity is something to nurture during these college years, hoping to be the person you wish to be at the end of your four years here.

Dr. Scott Flanagan

BrF4VBUydfKe65B43XJLAfSXBy Samantha Lehman

Dr. Scott Flanagan will be the 7th president here at Edgewood College. Flanagan has many qualifications for this new position. For example, Dr. Flanagan previously served as Director of Admissions, Director of Athletics, and Assistant Vice president for Enrollment Services at the University of Saint Francis, in Ft. Wayne Ind. During his five years there the freshman classes tripled. Dr. Flanagan has also taught a doctoral course in Higher Education Finance. In addition, Flanagan has a doctorate in Higher Education Management from the University of Pennsylvania. Also, Dr. Scott Flanagan has spent the past 13 years as the Vice president at Edgewood College. At Edgewood College, Dr. Flanagan’s roles have included Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Vice President for Planning & Enrollment and interim Chief Financial Officer. Because of this Dr. Flanagan knows the importance of following the Dominican values and the importance of working a long side the students and realizing what is best for the college.


Freshmen Survival Kit

momomBy Morgan Huss

Coming to college and being in a new space is a huge adjustment, especially now that you’re on your own. Your freshman year will throw all sorts of new experiences at you so it is important to be prepared! Below is a survival kit that I think will help you survive your first year of college!

Freshman Survival Kit:

Febreze- because who does laundry anyway?
Ear Plugs- for those times your neighbors can’t help but be loud
Dry Shampoo- some days it’s just asking too much to shower
Birthday Cards- Your family/ friends still have birthdays, let them know you still care!
Delicious Homemade Treats from Home- easy way to make friends fast
Money for Pizza- because pizza always understands
Cleaning wipes- messes just have a way of happening
A Tooth Brush Holder- so easily forgotten but oh-so critical
Eye Mask- blocks the sun out during the days after those nights we didn’t get to sleep

Your first year college experience is bound to be a breeze when you find yourself armed and ready with your own kit to help you survive your freshman year!

Real College vs. Movie College

sennior pic good %281%29By Erika Schauer

When entering college, most have this impression of what “college life” will be like. The majority these false ideas come from sources of media, especially movies and television. It seems as if the academic aspect of college is glorified and the social aspect, such as partying, is exaggerated. To be a successful student, it is important to realize that the college experience has more to offer then weekend parties. Movies often portray those who focus on academics as “nerds” or “overachievers,” but college really is a time to take academics seriously and become engaged in the curriculum of your particular field of study. Learning also occurs outside of the classroom, something movies often forget about. College is a time for growth and learning through finding yourself and increased independence. A balance between your social and academic life will offer maximum success.

Monsters University has a unique portrayal of the college experience.  The movie has a focus on striving to be a part of Greek life, something Edgewood College does not have. Monsters University is a beautiful Gothic campus that is host to many clubs and activities, similar to Edgewood. The professors seem to show a lack of compassion, something that is not true at Edgewood. In my experience here, I have nothing but great things to say about the professors. They always go out of their way to meet with you and care about your education.  Movies are not based on facts and often give the wrong representation of the college life.

What is Your Favorite Location on Edgewood’s Campus

BrF4VBUydfKe65B43XJLAfSXBy: Samantha Lehman

Edgewood is a small campus, but it offers you many different places to go with your friends to study or just relax. My personal favorite place to hang out is the Wingra commons. In Wingra you can do many different things. For example, if you like to study with a group or by yourself, it is the perfect place to grab a booth and stay there for a while. With Starbucks and the all the food you never have to leave. Wingra is also really nice to just hang out with your friends and get a bowl of ice-cream or play pool and enjoy your time. Because of these reasons that is why Wingra is my favorite place to go on campus.

Things to do During Winter on a Student Budget

momomBy Morgan Huss

As a college student, budgets are often more limited when spending money on things for entertainment. One of the greatest things about Madison is the abundance of activities that you can do on a college budget or even for free. When the weather is nice in fall and spring, these opportunities are much easier to come by. Although winter does restrict some activities, there are many still out there!

One of my favorite things to do is to go to concerts at either the Majestic or the Orpheum. I’ve attended concerts at these venues for $0-$20, which is great price! Another wonderful thing to do is to attend a sporting event at either Edgewood College or UW. If you choose to attend a Badger hockey or basketball game you can usually find students selling tickets for relatively cheap. The Chazen Museum is another example of a not only free, but interesting venue to go check out. The Chazen showcases many different mediums of art and is a perfect thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. Thankfully Madison offers great opportunities for the college foodie, with places offering weekly specials and event deals that are tailored to college students; it is a great way to indulge on a college budget. Whether you like music, sports, art, food or really anything there are abundant opportunities available in Madison to enjoy yourself on a college budget!

What to do if you have a problem with faculty?

sennior pic good %281%29By Erika Schauer

Like any workplace situation, it is not uncommon to have differing opinions among professors similar to those you could have with co-workers. In a college setting, it is expected that individuals handle differences in a mature and appropriate manner. When a problem occurs with a professor, it is often wise to go directly to them first. By going to the professor, it may eliminate confusion or misconceptions the two of you may have. For more serious problems, I would recommend contacting the Academic Dean’s office to discuss the issue and come up with possible resolutions.

In my experience at Edgewood, I have not had any serious issues with facility members. One semester, however, the professor typed in the wrong final grade to Blackboard. To resolve this problem, I simply stated the issue and remained level headed. My professor was very happy to resolve this issue and was very glad I caught this simple mistake. Facility members at Edgewood often go above and beyond to make your experience here pleasurable.